8 Hot Wedding Trends

With about 2.5 million weddings every year in the United States, it can be tricky to come up with fresh ideas to make yours stand out. We reviewed some of the ideas among top wedding planners and picked out eight trending wedding elements to consider including in your Big Day.


More couples are finding ways to make their ceremony truly unique to their personality. And that starts with where it’s held. Don’t be surprised to see wedding vows exchanged at a historic library (for book lovers), a concert hall (perhaps where they first met?), a museum or a meaningful natural landmark for the outdoorsy types. Out-of-the-box sites like these put a memorable stamp on the event.


This charming tradition is big among the British (we most recently saw it at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle). Skipping the usual flock of adult bridesmaids/groomsmen for a group of little ones serving as flower girls and ring bearers is sure to induce the “awwww” factor.


Many event planners are incorporating satiny white balloons into the wedding décor, often mixed with metallics. The subtle blend of textures and tones sets off floral arrangements in a fresh, elegant way. A wall of balloons also makes a great backdrop for wedding photos.

On a fun note, small “confetti bombs” are an increasingly popular choice to shower the bride and groom as they retreat down the aisle.


Those tall table decorations may look pretty, but every guest will tell you that they tend to block conversation. The new trend for wedding flowers is for lower (yet lush) arrangements, focused around draping greenery. On a similar note, “simple” is the trend when it comes to wedding bouquets: a single, dramatic stem (such as a Calla Lily) really makes things “pop.”


The day of the giant cake is coming to a close. The new wedding cake trend is towards smaller cakes, minimal decoration (although white frosting is still a “thing”), even pre-sliced confections. And instead of your typical cake flavor, sophisticated options like “fig” are on the rise.


Even with all the feasting that goes with most weddings, it’s all too common for guests to need a little “nosh” late in the evening (hey, that dancing takes a lot of energy). Many brides are now putting out late-night treats after the food service has stopped, such as a vintage ice cream wagon or a Pretzel Bar filled with a variety of yummy dips.


It’s a little bit like what they do at those big Hollywood events: celebrities peruse free swag from various vendors and choose what they want. On that note, instead of the traditional wedding favors or “gift bag” delivered to your guests’ rooms, consider a Lounge instead. Guests can select from an assortment of goodies. Another upside to this trend? The bride and groom have an easier time greeting and hanging out with their guests, versus having to hit a bunch of rooms.


It’s always been standard to have either a DJ or a band for the wedding reception. However, the new thing is to provide a variety of roaming “interactive” options to entertain guests throughout the event. These can include sketch artists, magicians, tarot card or palm readers, astrologers, short theatrical pieces, performance artists and more. The options are only as limited as your tastes and imagination, and can really create some fun memories.


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