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Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we love to hear from you as to how we're doing. Please let us know if your experience with Birkat Elyon has been an enjoyable one. Or if for any reason, it wasn't to your liking, let us know about that too. Please send us your comments, reviews or testimonials as we always strive for continuous improvement.



" My wife and I are very, very pleased with the ring. It's beautiful. Couldn't have asked for anything better. I have been looking at your website for over a year, glad I took the chance. We celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary this July 17th, so it came just in time. The ring and the service was outstanding. We are looking forward to doing more business with you and Birkat Elyon."
Texas, USA

" So I never really post reviews but I felt like a glowing recommendation was in order. When it came time to buy an engagement ring it was very overwhelming- super high prices during a suffering economy. I started researching top quality cubic zirconia rings set in platinum. This is when I found Birkat Elyon! I called and spoke to Rebecca Daniels. I can't even describe just how wonderful she is!! She is beyond fabulous, and her customer service is as flawless as her diamonds. I live in New York and I asked her if I can see the rings before I bought them. She agreed and met with me, and showed my nothing but stunning brilliant rings. I never knew a cubic zirconia could look identical to the actual diamond- but it does! You cannot tell the difference. I will be buying all my jewelry from them from now on. I also ordered studs, and hoping to order a pendant and bracelet soon. Thank you so much for making my dreams come true Rebecca!!!

- BJ
New York, USA

" My now fiance proposed yesterday with the 2.90 CT total weight square fancy solitaire. This ring is by far the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen. The compliments I have had are astounding. Shipping was fast and we are very pleased. This ring is not leaving my finger. Thank you so much for making this moment great for us. I highly recommend to anyone. I'm so happy thank you thank you. "

- Shauna,

" My ring was just delivered and I LOVE IT!!!! It is simply stunning and looks wonderful with the wedding band. Thank you! It was worth the wait. My suggestion to you is that you offer my ring with the half bezel as an option under the fancy solitaires.The 3 carat stone is beautiful and perfect!!!

A satisfied customer."

- Barbara
Florida, USA

" My Fiance proposed to me on Easter Sunday (in Australia) at sunset whilst we were fishing. I was utterly suprised and even more shocked when he pulled out my beautiful 1.5 Carat round ring!! It is the most amazing piece of jewelery I have ever seen and I am lucky enough to wear it on my finger after 3 years of looking at it on the internet. I have had so many comments on it in the last few weeks!! So thank you to you and your team for making it quick and easy for my fiance to purchase the ring, he trusted you all the way.

Many Thanks."

- Daisy
Tasmania, Australia

" The rings arrived !!! they are MAGNIFICENT !!! wow!! Truly beautiful and exactly what I imagined!!! Thank you so much for all of your expertise and dedication!! I can't wait to give you more business soon !! "

- RJ
New Jersey, USA

" Thank you, thank you, thank you! My ring is absolutely stunning! Thank you to the designer, the maker, and to you. Thank you so much.

- Julie-Ann

" I bought a 3.5 cushion cut with matching band in platinum at a local auction in my area to raise money for someone. I knew it was Birkat Elyon by the pretty blue box as I was eyeing your site and looking to buy. Your cz is unmatched to that of a diamond so beautiful you can't tell the difference. Also their is no fluorescent color that is usual a dead giveaway or a ring being Cz . Your workmanship is amazing, will be buying more in the future. I am also glad I could get one of your rings and help someone at the same time.
Thanks for the amazing workman ship. "

- Stephanie
New York, USA

" I ordered the second wedding band that goes with the four carat oval cushion ring set. I placed the order on Monday. I asked if there was any way I could get it by Friday. I received it on Friday morning. The two wedding bands makes the ring look finished. Great service. Will definitely order from them again. "

- Bonnie
Minnesota, USA

" As soon as I came across your website, I knew that I would be elated with my purchase and you certainly did not disappoint. I thank you for your kindness and help, since I clearly knew nothing about the items that I selected. Your compassion made it very easy for me to decide what I wanted, and you took it from there. Even my Fed Ex carrier was a wonderful as ever. It was and will be a sincere pleasure to shop with you again. Your products are even more beautiful than your pictures.

Until my next purchase and with my best regards, "

- Janice
Craryville, NY

" Just received my 4 carat oval cushion ring. I love it. Unbelievable in every way. Will be ordering again soon. Received it very quickly. "

- Bonnie
St. Paul, MN

" I am writing to praise the outstanding quality of Birkat Elyon's cubic zirconia as well as the artistry of the company's workmanship.

I wanted a large stone and after serious research decided that Birkat Elyon could create a ring for me that would have the brilliance of a diamond. I selected the yellow 12 carat cz ring R7079CW in a platinum setting. I had always wanted a large stone and decided to spoil myself with the platinum setting because the price of the ring itself was so reasonable compared to other sellers in the marketplace.

My high expectations for the brilliance of the stones and the beauty of the setting were met without a doubt! I love my ring; I can't even fully express to you how much I love it!

Finally, I want to add that after we purchased the ring I showed it to my local jeweler who was extremely complementary of Birkat Elyon's work. He praised the ring as "gorgeous," and warned me not to go into certain parts of town wearing it because it cannot be distinguished from a real diamond! Of course, we were pleased.

Many thanks to Birkat Elyon. I now am the proud owner of a cz ring of the highest quality! "

- Marsha B.
Maryland, USA

" I want to express my sincere thank you for my beautiful ring. I got the 1.25 solitaire ring in white gold and it is perfect! I have always dreamed of owning a Tiffany style solitaire, and this ring sparkles and shines like a real diamond. I can hardly stop looking at my ring! The customer service is great just like all the reviews say, and I will certainly be ordering more beautiful jewelry from Birkat Elyon! I am a very happy customer! "

- Carolyn
North Dakota, USA

" I received my 3.0 Ct. Princess Cut Fancy Solitaire 14K Engagement Ring and the 1.10 CTW. Round 14K Wedding Band about two weeks ago and a day earlier than the expected delivery date. I can't begin to tell you how much I love this set and how beautiful the set is. My daughter noticed the set from across the room and said "wow mom your ring is flickering like stars. The quality and workmanship is superior to other CZ jewelry I've owned in the past. However I do find the wedding band a bit annoying because it continuously turns. I do think a small optional locking device should be available when ordering wedding sets!

Thanks Rebecca for making my Birkat Elyon shopping experience enjoyable! "

- Emile
Florida, USA

" I just received my order today and I am beyond happy with my purchase & order. I opened the box and it just blew my mind!! I bought the 2crt square fancy solitaire ring and I am in love with it! Birkat Elyon indeed offers beautiful and top highest quality CZ diamond with such remarkable craftsmanship. Big applause and thank you as well goes to Rebecca for her outstanding customer service. I have placed my 2nd order with Birkat Elyon and I know I will be happy with that order as well. Thank you so much Birkat Elyon for your services and outstanding products!!"

- YS
Virginia, USA

" Oh my, I purchased the cushioned cut brilliant 12 carat ring. This ring is absolutely gorgeous. It is the most elegant ring I have ever purchased. It is well-designed, with such a classic elegant look. Rebecca Daniels, you are a lady with so much class and patience with your customers. Thank you for your very informative information before all of my purchases. I am an older woman and I have searched personally and on-line for this last two purchases and that are far beyond any jewelry I have seen with my physical eye. Keep up the excellent work Birkat Elyon. I live in Georgia and you came through! Again, thank you. "

- Michelle
Georgia, USA

" My fiancé surprised me when I got home from work. He kept calling my name and I finally looked up and he was holding a blue box. He said will you marry me and I cried after I said "YES!" What surprised me the most was it wasn't the ring I choose. It's better and he picked it out. It's fabulous, beautiful and I couldn't be happier. Everything people post on your site it absolutely true. I'm a believer! Thank you so much."

- Lisa
California, USA

" I AM THRILLED!!! I ordered the 2 ct classic pendant and it is beyond what I expected. The quality is wonderful. I did quite a bit of research before settling on Birkat Elyon and am very happy that I placed the order. I will definitely recommend you to family and friends. Many thanks to Rebecca Daniel for her customer service...outstanding!
Best buy! "

- Lisa
Wisconsin, USA

" WOW!! I ordered the 4.25 ct. yg eternity band in the round cut stones. It is so perfect and of such good quality I cannot tell you just how thrilled I am to have. It certainly pays to do your research as I did. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family. Nobody would even guess this isn't real. So many compliments from complete strangers. Best buy ever. Thanks so much. "

- Sherry
Arizona, USA

" I ordered the 6 ct oval cushion with trillion side stones. It is STUNNING! I can't stop watching the sparkles - amazing quality and workmanship. Thank you so much - I will definately be buying more. Ordering earrings next! "

- Susan
Minnesota, USA

" I received my ring yesterday and it is GORGEOUS! It looks exactly like the picture/video showed. I also purchased two bands to go with it. I am going to have those attached to the engagement ring. I am extremely pleased with the look of the ring and my girlfriends are so jealous! Thank you Birkat Elyon for making a beautiful wedding ring for me. I told my finance he did great...even though I picked it "

- Stephanie
Texas, USA

" I ordered the 3 carat solitaire round (diamond) ring. Could not believe the beautiful quality. Literally cannot tell the difference when I compared the stone from Birkat Elyon and my "real" diamond rings.
I was worried that the ring would be too small (I ordered it in a size 5) and sometimes that is too tight for my ring finger. I called and talked to Rebecca who told me it was going to be shipped that day and she asked me to try it and call her back if I needed it larger. I trusted this instinct and she was right! It's the perfect fit and doesn't shift around - just looks brilliant and everyone compliments me when I wear it. Beautiful elegant ring. "

- Victoria

" I received the ring my husband ordered for me today and it's gorgeous. I am absolutely thrilled with the quality and how it sparkles. The ring we ordered was the 6.0 carat Emerald cut w/ the tapered baguette's and all I can say is it!!

I have been a "green" stone wearer for sometime now and I love that this ring looks like a diamond! My son will be getting married this summer and my husband and I offered to buy our daughter-in-law's rings. I know where we are going to go to buy them for her!

Thank you Birkat Elyon for making outstanding jewelry! "

- xoxo...Jessica
Florida, USA

" I received my ring as a surprise, and am so impressed! I absolutely am in love with it, and won't be taking it off anytime soon. The quality is amazing, and I will definetly be a frequent shopper with Birkat Elyon!! Love, love love! Thanks so much!! "

- Danielle

" I received my 3.5 Ct. Asscher ring today. It is simply gorgeous! I never knew a CZ could look as good as my diamonds. The quality and workmanship is superb, and the sparkle is as beautiful as any diamond. I hope to have this ring for many years to come, and plan to purchase more. I'm now waiting for my matching band to arrive next week. Thank You Birkat Elyon!!

- MJ
Florida, US

" I ordered a white gold ring I made the wrong choice - I returned it and changed for a gold one - absolutely stunning - very happy with the service. I will order again for sure.
Thanks to Rebecca service +A

- Sylvie
Quebec, Canada

" I investigated about every website offering lab made diamonds and finally decided to buy a ring from Birkat Elyon. My ring arrived today and I'd been having a bad day. I was reluctant to open the box for fear of disappointment to match the rest of today's mood. Was I ever treated to a beautiful ring! I got the 3 carat Asscher ring with baguettes and it is simply spectacular! The stone sparkles much more than my original diamond (a princess cut - nice ring - about 1 carat)and the setting is actually nicer than my original engagement ring. I can't wait to have a manicure and head out for a romantic dinner with my new ring - which I will probably wave around as much as I did those many years ago when my husband proposed! We are now ordering a matching wedding bad. I'll secure my original ring for sentimental keeping and most likely handing down to a granddaughter because my new Birkat ring is the one for me and my future. Note: This is my first testimonial ever! "
Thank you Birkat.


"While surfing the Internet, I stumbled across the Birkat Elyon web-site. I could not believe the stunning & exquisite Cubic Zirconia jewelry that was offered. The up-to-date style of the jewelry was amazing, the choices were numerous & the prices were outstanding. I inquired about several of their eternity rings on the Birkat Elyon web-site. I received a prompt response from their Sr. Designer and Sales Director. She went out of her way to assist me in making the right decision. I received my ring promptly & could not be happier with my purchase."

Thank you so very much.

New York

"We ordered the 2.5 Ct. Oval Cushion Designer Inspiration 14K Ring as my engagement ring. I have to tell you - I have never seen a more beautiful ring in all my life. I've had real diamonds and enjoy fine jewelry but this ring takes my breath away and I'm so thankful we decided to not spend thousands of dollars for something that wouldn't be half as beautiful."



"For those of you reading this testimonial, let me start off by saying you came to the right place to buy a piece of jewelry. It is a little less than two months shy of a year since I have had my wedding ring and I have to say I am so glad I told my husband about Birkat Elyon. My 5 carat pear shaped wedding ring is stunning and holds up very well to unexpected dings the ring will take - that tests the integrity of the craftsmanship. Hands down Birkat Elyon's craftsmanship is impeccable. The stones are crisp and clear and FLAWLESS!!! After almost a year later it still looks like it is fresh out the box. I receive compliments on it regularly. Truly worth the money spent. My husband loved the customer assistance he received. He said they were very helpful and the experience from beginning to end was better than good. My only issue is that BK doesn't make rings for men (yet). Other than that,
Birkat Elyon can do no wrong in my opinion."



"Hi, I'll start by saying I've been searching for the longest time for the perfect, beautiful, different and especially affordable, well made engagement cz ring. Boy, I must say did I ever find the greatest, outstanding and most affordable jewelry site ever at 'Birkat Elyon'. You have the most AMAZING pieces I have seen, even living in NY. I ordered my 2.5Ct, 14K white gold, Oval Cushion Cut ring a week ago. I received it in less than 2 weeks and I was amazed when I opened that box and saw how beautiful and sparkling it is. There is no one that will say "is that real" - because it's just that gorgeous. I'll definitely be back to purchase other pieces without any hesitation. I just love it!!! I was blown away. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR REMARKABLE WORK. May Birkat Elyon have at least another 20 successful years."

New York

" I don't order online very often because I am leary as to the quality of what I will actually receive. I am happy I took a chance with this ring!! I ordered a 2.5 carat center stone at first, and found it too large for my hand- even though the look of the stone was great. The exchange process was very easy, and everyone I spoke to was friendly and helpful. I LOVE my new ring and would definetly order from Birkat Elyon in the future."

- Lisa
Atlanta, GA

" REALLY SURPRISED!! I can't believe how beautiful these stud earrings are. The stones look better than some of my real diamonds. I am a very "happy camper" with my purchase. Thanks! "

- Rodger

"Too often we are quick to point out the negative aspects of an experience. Rarely however, do we take the time to truly and sincerely acknowledge a job beautifully well done. Bravo, Birkat Elyon for designing me a ring that has surpassed my every imagination. The superb craftsmanship, as well as the professional guidance of your experienced staff did not go unnoticed- turning a onetime skeptic of these type of testimonials, into a delightfully, pleased believer! Your sales person assured me I would love the cushion cut ring I had chosen. Not only do I love it, but I absolutely
adore It! The stone has true brilliance, and the setting is beautifully designed with timeless sophistication and elegance. The attention to detail in the lines of the ring and the fire to the stone would rival Tiffany (in my opinion), and I do not write that lightly or with exaggeration, but instead with sincerity and delight. To those reading this who are contemplating purchasing from Birkat Elyon, please do not hesitate. You will be thankful you did."

New York

"I just received my custom made cubic zirconia ring a few hours ago from my husband, who purchased it for our anniversary. I am beyond thrilled. It is simply exquisite and everything I envisioned. My heartfelt thanks and "Bravo!" to Birkat Elyon and to the artisan who created it. I know it was a challenge to produce, but, oh my, what a fabulous piece. It has the panache of a priceless antique."

- Michelle
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"I received my 3.5 Ct. Cushion Cut Fancy Solitaire ring #R7087W set in white gold today. The stone is stunningly beautiful and the white gold is brilliant with substantial weight. In every respect, this is a fine piece of jewelry and I am absolutely thrilled. My experience with Birkat Elyon during this transaction has been exceptional. The company delivered on every promise from quality of workmanship, beauty of product and schedule of delivery. I will be returning for more pieces, often and soon. I am happy beyond words."

- Karen A
Columbus, OH

" My husband purchased my new wedding set about 4 months ago. It is absolutely gorgeous! He had originally ordered a 3ct. center diamond engagement ring (to impress me) and although it was very impressive, I returned it for the 2ct. center stone. I am very active and like to wear my rings all the time, so the 2ct. fit better with my lifestyle. Customer service exchanged them, no questions asked, no problem at all. And the rings where shipped to me on the dates as promised. I get so many compliments! I even went to a jeweler to get their opinion. They said it was one of the most stunning cuts (princess) with brilliance and clarity that they have seen in a CZ diamond and the mounting was gorgeous!
Thanks Birkat Elyon!"

- Vicki W.

"I just received my ring today!!! I must say I am extremely satisfied with the entire process from start to finish. The ring is absolutely beautiful and exquisite. I dealt with your Sr. Designer, who took my order and ensured me that it would be done and sent out by the date I needed. I am more than
pleased and will be purchasing more jewelry from you guys very soon. Thank you again!"

- Patricia
New York

"I received the engagement ring and the 2 wedding bands from Birkat Elyon today, I must say I am blown away. They are absolutely magnificent! My jaw dropped when I opened the pretty blue box and I put the rings on. I cannot fully express my level of gratitude, happiness and sheer delight. I am glad I did not have them soldered at first, because it gave me a chance to really look at them separately. However I will be sending them to you for soldering in the near future. I know I will hate to part with them - for any period of time. Thank you, thank you, thank you Birkat Elyon, for providing an exquisite and affordable option to real diamonds. These are just as beautiful, but without the ethical worries I had about buying "conflict diamonds". Your company really is incredible. I am now a loyal customer for life. On a personal note, please thank Rebecca for customer service that was impeccable, seamless and without compare. During an economic climate where financial resources are scarce, personal attention and detail is crucial - and you definitely stand out in this regard. Way to go! "

Warmest Wishes,

- C.P.

" Hello to everyone there at BIRKAT ELYON, I was first introduced to your jewellery by a good friend who like myself loves to look at jewellery. I have never considered buying for myself, I live alone and I am not married. However when my friend showed the beautiful jewellery on your site, I was stunned. Firstly, at the beauty of the designs, and then by the prices. I thought these items I am looking at could not be as impressive in the hand as they appear on the site. -- MY goodness, how wrong I was! I ordered a ring my friend suggested would suit my hand and a pair of stud earrings. You made the most wonderful ring for me. It is just beautiful. The quality and the craftsmanship is outstanding. I was thrilled with it and am now hooked on your wonderful collection. I had to write to tell you of my utter delight at receiving yesterday morning, your custom designed ring and matching earrings . They are simply beyond words. My ring was made with a cushion cut stone on a simple beaded band. The stone is set with double claws - it sits just perfectly on the finger, - not too high just right. I should also add that I had a pair of stud earrings made to match the custom ring, they too are wonderful, beautifully set - they are stunning. Again I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to have beautiful jewellery, I am now saving for another purchase. I love the 3Ct. solitaire in white gold, this is my next buy. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to you all. You have made another Irish woman so very happy."


- Martina

"These stud earrings are AMAZING! I just received them today and I can't say enough about the quality of the earrings. The brilliance of the stones are absolutely breathtaking. My fiance loves them and thinks this was a great purchase. Great job Birkat Elyon for making quality jewelry affordable."

- Charles N.

" I received the earrings, they are just beautiful and the one carat stone size is perfect for me. I had my husband look at them closely too and he couldn't see where these stones looked any different than diamonds. The setting is lovely as well. I was also surprised by the very nice boxes they were packaged in. Most sites I visited when researching CZ jewelry had extra costs for a nice box.

Thanks again for your making my order so perfect. "

Florida, USA

Hello to all the wonderful staff at Birkat Elyon,

" I wish to thank each and every one of you and especially Rebecca , who at this stage has become a dear friend even though we have not met yet. I first bought a 3Ct. Solitaire and matching Earring Studs and pendant from you last September , and I was so delighted with the quality and the sheer beauty of the way they were designed and made, that I have continued slowly adding to my collection. On each occasion, when I have e-mail Birkat Elyon, to ask questions about a particular item, I am advised and given options to consider to make sure that I the 'Customer', and not the sales person is happy with the outcome. I am not under any pressure to buy if it is just a query I have about an item of jewelry. As a result I have made quite a few purchases from your wonderful online collections.

To name but a few, for any woman or indeed any man who might be wondering about buying his wife or girlfriend a ring from the Birkat Elyon collection, I would say go ahead and make that purchase! You will be as thrilled as I am each time I buy one or two items. I have bought the 6Ct. Emerald Baguette Ring - it is just stunning. Also, I received a wedding band which is so perfect with the Fancy Yellow Cushion designer ring my husband bought me last Christmas. I liked this wedding band so much that i had one made in yellow gold.

Yesterday, my newest Birkat Elyon rings arrived in the post, I can honestly say 'WOW' -I had ordered the 2.5Ct Fancy Pear ring and earrings that are almost like the ring. They took my breath away, I had also ordered the 3.5Ct Brilliant Square with Trillions-and it is just fantastic. The craftsmanship is superb to say the least. I added a wedding ring of round stones and my gosh, pure beauty. My husband who does not usually comment on jewellery is amazed by the quality of each and everything that I have purchased from you.

I never thought that I, an Irish housewife would be able to afford such beautiful jewellery, I could only dream . We are in a horrible recession as is most of the world, with no end in sight for many people. Many people are afraid to spend any more money they might have, But remember money is not everything, we all need a lift now and again. A woman who sometimes needs to buy something "special" for herself should go ahead and do so. If you want something treat yourself, like I did, I recommend Birkat Elyon. I might sound like a spolied woman, I can assure you that I am not. I had looked at many jewellery sites wishing I could afford 'Diamonds' -then I found Birkat Elyon, and Rebecca, who is a lovely talented lady. I am sure Birkat Elyon has made dreams of luxury jewellery come true for so many women like me.

To all the team at Birkat Elyon, thank you for your work and dedication to both your craft and your loyal customers."

- Olive,

"I am loving my ring. My husband bought it for me as an engagement ring. We have been married 2.5 years and I finally found my dream ring on your site. It is gorgeous and I have received many compliments on it already. I hope to receive many more accessories from your company.

I am so glad you are here to provide such beautiful jewelry."

- Kay R.
Kent, WA

"I love my custom ring, it's stunning!!!! Thank you so much for making sure it was perfect! I appreciate everything. "

- J.E.

"I am another THRILLED customer. I bought a gorgeous infinity band to wear when we travel. People noticed the sparkle and brilliance of my new ring from the moment I put it on! I went to a local national chain jewelry store to check the exact size of the band. The jeweler was so incredibly
complimentary and offered to look at each of the stones under a microscope to make sure each "diamond" was secure. I just watched as each stone was examined and my ring pronounced "amazing". They even suggested I have it insured! I have now decided that I will wear it not just for travelling, but
every day! Thank you for such amazing and affordable cubic zirconia jewelry. And special thanks to your Designer, Rebecca for being such a jewel to work with!"

- K.D.
New Mexico

" Every once in a while - amazing things come across your path in life. For myself and my fiance - one of our delights was coming across the Birkat Elyon website. For almost 4 years now, I have been quite ill, and in December of 2010 I had to resign from my government position to address my health concerns. I'm not only fortunate to have a loving partner, but also one that has shown me tremendous unconditional love, and allowed me this time to heal. Needless to say our finances have been conservative. However, my partner has never denied me anything that I have wanted.

I have always loved fine jewelry...and admired women who could wear a piece with both confidence and style, and have been a lover of the solitaire diamond setting. One day while looking on a wedding website, there was a review of zirconia jewelry. The review gave Birkat Elyon high ranks as having some of the most beautiful CZ creations available. I decided to take a look, and when I did I could not believe my eyes...I was like a little girl in a candy store! I immediately called my fiance, and told him the news. When he arrived that evening, I assured him that I had found the perfect ring - I will say that while I'm drawn to the solitaire setting, I had a very hard time choosing! Everything on the Birkat site was dazzling. We both decided upon the 2 carat, 6 prong solitaire set in white gold. The next day, I made a call to Birkat Elyon, and that is when I spoke with the Sr. Designer, who is the real gem of the company. Rebecca answered all of my questions, and left no question in my mind that we had made the right choice. She was kind, efficient, and made me feel completely taken care of. That kind of customer service is extremely difficult to come by in this day and age. I was delighted.

My partner purchased my ring, and while on vacation in the Caribbean proposed on a clear, warm, moonlit beach...everything was perfect - and my ring...was incredible! The moon was casting light and I could see it...then when I walked to the lobby of our hotel - I was sparkled and shone like nothing I had ever seen before...My fiance said that he was so taken by the rings beauty - he had to propose the first evening of our trip! He couldn't wait to see my reaction.

Everyone - man and woman alike, at our resort had trouble NOT looking at it! I even had a woman come from across the room to admire it. Needless to say - I have the same reaction everyday...and I love it. I am not only incredibly happy that we chose Birkat Elyon, but have met a wonderful person in ring needed to be sized, and she took care of everything for me. She has always been gracious, and I feel as though we have met - I reside in Canada, and intend on making a trip to see the Birkat Elyon show room, and to say hello to the woman who took such wonderful care of me. "

- Natasha

"I have been researching for a great alternative to diamond jewelry for several years. My first purchase came from < company name withheld out of respect>. I thought I did my studying, but was very disappointed when my ring from < company name withheld out of respect > arrived. I waited almost 2 years before purchasing another ring from another company. I stumbled across Birkat Elyon, and at first, I was not sure about them (because of my experience with < company name withheld out of respect>). However, after looking at the site hundreds of times and studying other sites like < sites name withheld out of respect>, and others, I settled on Birkat Elyon BECAUSE they were not hiding the fact that they were using CZ's. I bought the 1.5 carat cushion cut fancy solitaire. So, I have had my ring for about 2 weeks now and I am so happy. I compared it to my mom's 2 carat oval $9000 ring and she was shocked at the similarity of the 2. On the Birkat Elyon website, the ring is pictured with a round stone, but their Senior Designer was able to put in a cushion cut stone for me. I really couldn't be happier and I will be back for more!"

- A. P.
Greenville, SC

"I just received my 3 carat solitaire ring. It is sooo beautiful and the shipping was so quick! I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful CZ rings, thanks a bunch."

- Jessica T.
Oceanside, California

" I am someone who has beautiful, expensive, real diamond jewelry. It's the blessing of being an older woman with a very generous husband. But insuring my jewelry is so expensive! So when I wanted new, larger diamond studs without spending $5,000 and adding to our already high insurance bill, I looked into finding high-end, really good CZ jewelry I found your website and took a chance. Wow! I can't believe how bright white, beautifully faceted your "simulated diamond" studs are! I couldn't wait to wear them. They absolutely look real to me (and to my jeweler, when I wore them into his shop!). The only "problem" is that I now know I'll be tempted to buy so much more from Birkat Elyon in the future. "

- Susan G.
Boulder, CO

" I received my ring this morning, and…WOW, I am speechless. It's hard for me to imagine anything being this beautiful and not being real. I want to personally thank you, for all the help, time, and attention your customer service always gave me. There is no doubt I will be a repeat customer. Birkat Elyon jewelry is not only beautiful, it is also affordable. And believe me, I have already started a list of other pieces I want. The quality and workmanship in my ring is just amazing. I am so glad I found the Birkat Elyon cubic zirconia web site. More importantly, I couldn't be happier with my decision to purchase a ring from Birkat Elyon instead of spending $45,000 for a diamond. Your slogan really should be "Seeing is BELIEVING". "

Thank you again,

- Nancy

"I just received my ring a few minutes ago and HAD to write you immediately. Words cannot describe how much I love it or how beautiful and elegant it is!!!! I am so looking forward to wearing it over the winter and for years to come. Wow!!! It`s so much prettier in real life than on the video. I am so glad that I bought it --it would be hard even for my local jeweler to tell that it`s a cz.


I have had so many compliments on my 2 carat brilliant round Fancy Solitaire ring that you have made for me. Even today, at the pharmacy--the ladies all thought that it was so beautiful. Even my jeweler-who is very hard to please…he thought that it was exceptionally well done. Truly, it looks like a top notch fancy cut diamond which would probably have cost $100,000. Thank you so much. "

Very fondly,

- N. M.

A Beautiful Ring and a Beautiful Proposal

" My fiancée was totally shocked when the ring appeared in front of her, she never would have imagined that I would bring a ring back from my trip to the US. I chose a beautiful night, made lakeside reservations for a very charming restaurant that we haven't been to before, and I also ordered 99 red roses bouquet to be delivered before we arrived for dinner. When I kneeled before her with roses and the ring, she was so excited and couldn't stop crying, I could see the ring sparkling in her eyes. Thank you very much for this wonderful quality and fantastic design work, what a great job you have done. "

- Ken,

" Just a few words to let you know of my utter delight on receiving my jewelry from Birkat Elyon. I must admit, I was a bit worried, as I have never purchased anything from a website. I have a PASSION for RINGS, I do not know why. I have been looking around at various other sites. If it had Rings on it I looked at it. I always wanted to have 2Ct. SOLITAIRE DIAMOND RING, but needless to say could not afford it, I could only dream of it. By chance I came upon BIRKAT ELYON; I was amazed by the beauty of their collections, also the address in NEW YORK impressed me. The more I looked, and did I look, my husband will tell you every time I got the chance I was onto their site. I rang, I live in Ireland and they returned my call. I asked about the products, and from all the time I had spent looking at Simulated Diamonds and LAB Created GEMS, I had a fair knowledge gathered at this stage. I spoke to the Senior Designer, Rebecca, a wonderful lady, who answered any questions I had. She gave me her time, I was not rushed in any way, she was kind and her advice was superb. On Tuesday of this week I received my 3 Ct., SOLITAITE RING IN WHITE GOLD and Matching STUD EARRINGS and a PENDANT, a friend of mine also had a ring Custom Made and 2 Ct., STUD EARRINGS made they also arrived.

I cannot express our delight upon opening the WHITE BOXES and then the lovely Blue Boxes. - My goodness when we saw the Jewelry we were speechless. My husband was here for the grand opening, and when he saw the Jewelry he was quite stunned. He could not get over the sheer brilliance of the Stones, they catch the light, they are so beautiful, I was struck dumb with amazement and delight. This Jewelry has far surpassed my expectations. It is truly wonderful. My husband took the Solitaire out of the box and was looking at it with a loupe that I have, next thing he was down on bended knee, and he proposed to me again. I said yes on one condition, that I could buy some more of this wonderful Jewelry.

Birkat Elyon's team is now making a custom ring for me and also for my friend. The service I received was second to none. I cannot speak highly enough of the Senior Designer; she is a wonderfully talented lady.

I am so very glad that I happened upon Birkat Elyon. I know I will be a return customer. My sincerest thanks to all of you there. You made two Irish Ladies very, very HAPPY. "


- Olive,

" I just wanted to let you know that the ring was absolutely beautiful, and my new fiancé was totally overwhelmed!

I want to thank Birkat Elyon for an outstanding website, presenting beautifully designed jewelry in a way that accurately reflected the quality of the final product. I can tell you that although I was more than a bit skeptical purchasing a ring of this type on line, I was not disappointed, and would not hesitate buying from you again. The quality was superb, as was the service!!!

But I also want to thank your company's help. You made this such a great experience, and made me feel that I wasn't just another buyer on a website. You remembered me when I called, and always knew the status of my order. You were encouraging and clearly believe in what you sell. You took an on-line buying experience and made it a personal one.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you and let you know how things turned out. "


- Michael B.

Birkat Elyon

" Thank you for such a beautiful ring! I was admittedly nervous about ordering online. But I am in shock with the great quality you provided. I've been playing with the ring in the sunlight and it literally shoots sparkles across the room like a prism! Unbelievable! I am so thankful you provided an alternative to diamonds at an affordable price! The clarity of the center stone reminds me of my friend's very expensive 1ct diamond engagement ring- mine is just as sparkly!!! The cut and setting are exquisite. Thank you! I am happily engaged on the account of saving money, having a beautiful ring, and an amazing man! "

-Taylor S.
Barrington, Illinois

" Just a short note to say that I received my new ring today and oh my gosh--it is so unbelievably beautiful. I just can't stop staring at it! It is pure perfection and absolutely exquisite. Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. I look forward to purchasing my next piece from your collection."

Thanks again!

- Patty P.


" I just wanted to say my fiance proposed yesterday and I got the custom ring that you designed based on my conversations with your Senior Designer. I could not be happier. It is everything I wanted and I am so thankful for your input and hard work. It really could not be more stunning! We will definitely be in touch for the wedding bands. I hope everyone starts using your company, you guys are just awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Have a Good Day!

- K. M.

Dear Birkat Elyon,

" I just wanted to let you know that I received my rings today, and they are absolutely amazing !! stunning and beautiful:-)) Thank you so much....I look foward to purchasing more from you in the future, and will be spreading the word around about Birkat Eliyon. "

Many many thanks,

- Dawn,
Salt Lake City, Utah

Dear Wonderful People of Birkat Elyon:

" My husband wanted to buy me a wedding ring. I preferred to wear my mother's platinum and diamond ring-it's very nice. This year (our 20th anniversary) I began to think, "Why not?" and decided that I wanted a big ring-but Cubic Zirconia. I went everywhere on the Internet, even buying a few from other companies and sending them back because they had little "fire." I kept narrowing down my choices. Then I settled on your company because I asked questions and got personal, prompt answers. I received my ring, and it was stunning! But I had ordered the wrong size. I first took it to my jeweler-she marveled at the fire and beauty of the ring. Another flurry of emails, and Birkat Elyon wanted to do the resizing, free. Talk about service! Before I knew it I had my ring and I just cannot quit looking at it! I have several good diamond pieces and have looked at plenty of settings and stones and these are, in my opinion, the best stones. Your Senior designer shared in my excitement-through my flurry emails she was kind enough to answer me every time.

My next purchase are the earrings."

Best regards,
- Kristie R.

" I wore my new ring for a day and a half before anyone noticed, but OH MY GOD when they did they were in awe of how gorgeous it is, lots of oohs and ahhs. I have never been so very pleased with the kindness and professional workmanship of any company as I am with Birkat Elyon. All of my online questions were answered promptly and with such kindness. To find a company with the quality of product and customer service that you provide, it WILL bring me back. I can't wait till I get my next piece

Thank you again not only for the exquisite piece of jewelry, but for always offering kind customer service. "

Kindest Regards,
- S.A.

How Gorgeous!

"Just received my custom designed ring and I am so thrilled I can't begin to tell you! It is beyond my hopes and expectations. Thank you, thank you to you for your design expertise-you were exactly right about the size of the stones. And please tell the jeweler/artisan who built the ring for me that I am swooning with delight!! You will certainly hear from me again. I've already shared your web-site with fellow jewelry lovers. Once this new lovely is out and about, I have no doubt that I will be sharing Birkat Elyon with many people.
Thank you once again for your patience and artistry! "

- Michele J.
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

" YAY! My fiance presented me with this engagement ring last week! It is GORGEOUS!!!! I have showed EVERYONE I know and they are all blown away! No one can tell that it is not actually a diamond (except for my fiance's wallet that is not in pain!).
It is simply stunning...thank you so much! It is extremely high quality and I will be proud to wear it forever and ever! We will definitely be buying the matching wedding band as the wedding approaches.

Thank you for your wonderful customer service and beautiful ring of my dreams!

Peace & Joy,
- L. H.

" My ring arrived yesterday and it is gorgeous. It is a 3.5 carat cushion cut ring set in platinum. The design and workmanship is exquisite. Birkat Elyon was patient with my questions and helpful every step of the way. "

- Louise

" I went to my jeweler today in order to get a battery for my watch. They went insane over my 9 carat emerald cut ring and my cross that I've purchased from you--mostly the emerald cut ring. They asked me if they could try it on and everyone in the back came to see it. They were worried about me. They asked me if I had gloves to cover my diamonds on the street. Isn't that kind of them. It didn't even occur to them that it was a cubic zirconia. I told them that I got them from my mom. And they believed that, because they know that she's very rich. I'm so proud to wear such beautiful jewelry--made with love and pride, the way jewelry should be made. Now, I'm planning my next purchase! I plan on ordering earrings, a necklace and maybe something else. I will order after Valentine's day--at the end of the month. Can't wait. I'm a Birkat Elyon addict. "

Kind Regards,

" Birkat Elyon has been most patient & helpful with all my 5 purchases over the last 3 months. WOW!!! I remember being caught off guard and delighted when Birkat Elyon's website showed up after I searched in Google for Cubic Zirconia rings. The video presentations on your site were done beautifully. I emailed customer service asking them if it was possible to ship to Singapore, they not only got back to me saying that it was possible, but they also told me that it could be done via FedEx to my delight. My first purchase was a 3.5 carat Asscher Inspired ring. The FedEx packaging was done very professionally, and the ring was beautiful!!! I can't stop looking at my ring when I'm driving. My next purchase was a 2 carat round 6 prong Solitaire, I was speechless when it arrived . I have always wanted a 6 prong solitaire. Both rings sparkle beautifully even under the bright sunlight. Then I purchased a 3 carat Asscher Inspired 14K classic pendant. I had my doubt about it being too big but customer service was most helpful, letting me know the difference between 2 carat & 3 carat. That's why I chose 3 carat in the end. I also purchased 2 pairs of earrings which were unfortunately too big for my earlobes. Birkat Elyon was very kind to permit an exchange. In the end I chose a 3.12 CTW round Hoop earrings, which I can wear on a daily basis & a 3.60 carat Round Designer ring. All my friends marvel at my collection. Everybody thinks that they are real diamonds, and they have no reason to doubt it because I used to spend a lot on real diamonds. I will no longer buy real diamonds now that I have found Birkat Elyon. I will be a lifetime customer! Thanks again for your excellent quality and impeccable service. "

- Evelyn

" I recieved my asscher-cut solitaire ring yesterday, and it is beautiful beyond words!!! I cannot stop staring at it, and my husband can't stop staring at what a great price it was. It sparkles more than my wedding ring with real diamonds! The quality and craftsmenship of your jewlery is truly remarkable!
I've already send your website to my husband so he can order from you in the future. Thank you again for all of your patience and I look forward to becoming a regular customer."

- Heather
Dallas, Texas

" Dear Birkat Elyon,

I received my ring (4 carat oval cushion cut yellow "diamond" ring), and my husband and I were so amazed at how stunning it looked in person! I can definitely say, this won't be my last purchase. Your pieces are absolutely gorgeous, and I am sure I will be checking your website periodically."

Thank you,

- D. K.

" I could not be more pleased with my recent purchase from Birkat seriously thinking about selling my real diamond. You guys have wonderful QUALITY products and definitely deserve the fabulous reputation you have!!!

Thank You,

- A.C.

" The Ring was a big Hit!!!

Thank you Birkat Elyon……. I just received the ring I ordered today. I was very nervous regarding the quality of the ring, and was really hoping for the best. Just want you to know I was absolutely amazed by the clarity of the stone and the craftsmanship of the ring. I am very happy with the purchase. Thank you for the personalized and quick service. You should open a store here in Las Vegas, you would do great in this market. "

Happy Holidays,

- Ferdinand
Henderson , NV

" I just received the princess cut ring I ordered today and I just wanted to let you know that it is absolutely beautiful!! My husband and I are so very happy and pleased with the exceptional quality of the stones. I can't stop staring at my ring!!! I will enjoy wearing your beautiful jewelry for many years to come!

Thank you for all of your help and assistance, you have been wonderful. "

Wishing you all the best,

- Katalin
Port Moody, Canada

" I recently received my ring and I am SO pleased. It is just beautiful!!! I love my ring so much that I have to take care not to look at it while I'm driving as I get so distracted by the sparkle. I feel that I am a very demanding consumer, and as so, I have looked closely trying to find fault with my new ring. From what my 50 year old eyes can see each stone is set evenly, each prong smooth. It is so pretty that I have asked my husband if he minds if I wear it on my left hand and move my original (genuine) diamond to my right hand! Thank you for your "personal" service. "

- Lisa H.
Union, KY

" The ring is perfect in quality and size! She loves the ring and so do all her friends…oh yes and I love it also. Thank you for your assistance and the timeliness in delivery. We look forward to doing business with Birkat Elyon in the future. God bless!! "

- In His Service...Ted
Yellow Springs, Ohio

" I was looking for a high quality 2 carat CZ diamond solitaire pendant for my wife's birthday and came across the website for Birkat Elyon. I just received the pendant today and it is beautiful! The stone is clear with a lot of fire. My wife was very pleased with the pendant- simple and elegant. I'm very impressed with the quality of the stone and would highly recommend Birkat Elyon. Thanks! "

Roswell, GA

"I received my Birkat Elyon 14K white gold round-cut CZ earrings this morning, and I just knew I had to write back to you. I had some trepidation before opening the box, I wasn't sure what to expect, even after ALL the rave reviews I have found online of your product. But I crossed my fingers, bit the bullet, and opened it; I really just couldn't wait to see what was in the box! LOL. What girl could? Love the box by the way! The little lock mechanism is great!

Well... What I found inside the box really far exceeded my hopes, I was definitely stunned. Even in our dimly lit living room, I saw the clear, clean fire in the stones, and also, the colors that were somehow picked up and refracted...I immediately went outside into the sun. I held them out. BREATHTAKINGLY beautiful. Comparison to my engagement ring diamond was of course next. Absolutely no idea of any difference between them. Really, none!

I put them on, and they are the perfect size, and the perfect sparkle. You were right when you told me not to worry, that I would fall in love with your jewelry once I saw and wore them on myself. Now, I've looked at Moissanite, and I did not like the color in them. To me, Moissanite simply screams NOT A DIAMOND as they actually have too much color, and a sheen that I really dislike. Moissanite In contrast, the cubic zirconia stones you used in my earrings are perfect, and of course, the white gold is lovely and everything I'd hoped for but didn't dare expect at this price. Now I know I will be ordering that ring we spoke about from you in the next couple of months. I am excited to know that you will soon allow layaway, as you now have a lifelong fan of your jewelry!
Thank you, THANK YOU, for making my 40th birthday's been extremely tough, but today, you made me feel beautiful again, and THAT is what jewelry is about."

-Amanda R.
Tobyhanna, PA

"I am a Registered Nurse and not accustomed to wearing anything but a plain gold wedding band for the past 42 years. I went online and ordered a three-stone ring from Birkat Elyon. The service was outstanding and my ring was delivered within a week.

When I received it, I saw that through my own ignorance of jewelry, I had ordered the wrong item. I sent the item back and Birkat Elyon worked on making the order right for me, just as they would for a family member or a dear friend.

In the end, the ring I received was top-notch quality. Actually, it was even better than I had imagined. I know now that I will not order jewelry from anyone else but Birkat Elyon! I'm proud of the ring on my finger, and because of their exemplary service and personal attention, I now count Birkat Elyon as my friend! Thanks to everyone at Birkat Elyon who forgave an old RN's mistake in my first order and who still made my jewelry dream come true. I know I will be recommending you to my own friends and family!"

-A Jersey Girl Stuck in Kimberling City, Missouri

"I am writing to let you know that I received my custom ring today, and I couldn't be happier. I have been searching for the perfect engagement ring for the last 6 weeks. At first, I was set on Moissanite, but a friend of ours who is a jeweler told us that CZ was actually nicer than Moissanite. I was skeptical at first, but sure enough, to my eye, I found CZ to be far more brilliant than Moissanite, and it didn't look yellow in certain lights.

Once I decided on CZ in 14k gold, I was disappointed to find that the selection on the internet was rather limited, to say the least. In fact, this is the FOURTH ring I have bought! I purchased 3 different rings from 3 different internet retailers (1 on eBay, 1 on Amazon, and another from a store that specialized in jewelry), only to be disappointed with the quality and "real life" appearance. I found that the settings often looked cheap and flimsy, and the jewelry rarely resembled the picture on the website. Additionally, I could never quite find the PERFECT setting - the rings were close, but not what I really wanted, and most of the other companies I spoke to were unable to offer custom orders.

I found the Birkat Elyon site and enquired about a custom design. Customer service was prompt and friendly and assured me that the ring could be made. Sure enough, I had it within a week - exactly to my specifications. It is even more beautiful than I imagined, and I feel very proud to wear this beautiful piece. I also feel very smart. Since my fiancée and I decided to go with premium CZ jewelry instead of a diamond, we are able to afford a gorgeous wedding this October, with money to spare to start our new life together.

I will definitely recommend Birkat Elyon to all of my friends, and look forward to buying more jewelry from you in the future. "


- Jennifer B.
Los Angeles, CA

"From the design, to the weight, to the brilliance of the Birkat Elyon CZ stones, my new canary ring is so far beyond perfection, mere words cannot describe this beauty! MOST CZs have a blank or flat spot when twisted from side-to-side, but this is not the case with yours!!! The stone's icy sparkle is just like a REAL diamond. With Birkat Elyon, I have finally found great affordable diamond 'substitute' jewelry and will be buying from you again and again." Thanks,

- Carrie A.
Van Cleave, MS

"I received my order today and the ring was better than I expected!! You truly live up to your reputation. My wife can not stop looking at her ring. I could not be any happier with my purchase. especially when I saw the smile on her face when she saw it!!
Thank you so much."

- Jason S.
Byron, GA

"I just want to take a moment to say how very pleased I am with my CZ wedding ring purchase and Birkat Elyon's customer service. It really was a pleasure dealing with Birkat Elyon. You went beyond what is expected in a customer service. I have attached a photo of my wife wearing her ring. I just wanted you to see how beautiful it is. She has received so many compliments! I also just received the matching earrings and they too are simply magnificent. Thank you again for your great jewelry and caring customer service and I am sure we will be doing business in the near future."

-Lanny S.
Cincinnati, OH

" My ring arrived today, and I have to say that it surpasses my expectations! The setting is exquisite, the stones expertly set, and the overall effect is elegant without being overpowering. I am glad that we made this choice to go with a Birkat Elyon piece of jewellery. " LOVE IT!!!

- Kimberley M.
Nashville, TN

"I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that I got the ring. We are of course using it as my engagement ring. It took some convincing on my part to get my boyfriend Mitch (now fiancée) to agree to the idea of doing this instead of a real diamond. I am in my late 30's and Mitch is in his early 40's. We were planning to get married, and we wanted to start a family, but we did not know how long this was going to take, both of us being a little older, and neither of us had ever tried. Guess what? It worked! So all of a sudden , "Oh my God, we are going to have a baby!" That means moving in together, engagement ring, wedding, baby, stress, money, stress, money! So I did a little research online and that is how I found you. We had the ring shipped to my parents' home, as we were in the midst of moving And Mitch picked it up. I was not allowed to see it. He called me the night he got it home, and he said that it was so beautiful that he couldn't stop looking at it. He even brought it to work and showed it off before he gave it to me! So a few days later he did the down-on-his knees, teary-eyed proposal that would melt any girl's heart, and presented the ring. It really is so beautiful. Now of course I am wearing it to work, and I have to say that I am feeling just a little bit guilty (not a lot) about the jealousy of these catty women at work!  The most common question has been, "What does Mitch do again?" Ha! I'll tell you what - this is the smartest decision I ever made, and Mitch is so glad he agreed to it. We have finally moved in together, next month is the wedding, and baby comes in August! We want to thank you for being a part of this whirlwind wonder. You have certainly made us both very happy , and we are proud to wear your product to represent our love and commitment to each other.
Thanks again for your excellent customer service."

- Karen R.
Syracuse, NY

" Thank you Birkat Elyon, I really love my ring!!!!! I am very pleased with my 3.0 ct princess cut ring. It came quickly and was packaged well. The ring is beautiful and looks even better in person than it did in the video presentation. I will definitely purchase another piece of jewelry from Birkat Elyon! "

Baltimore, MD

" Oh my God, I got my ring and it is absolutely beautiful, what a perfect birthday gift. It is my birthday today and the UPS rang the door about 7:00 P.M. and it made my day just perfect. I opened it and was absolutely stunned at the beauty and authenticity of the ring. Birkat Elyon Thank you, Thank you, for the high quality of your work. I absolutely love it. Keep up the excellent craftsmanship! "

- Myriam P.
Reno, NV

" I could not be any more pleased with my purchase from Birkat Elyon. I purchased their 33ct Blue Sapphire Pear Drop necklace for my wife for Valentines Day. I was unsure from the picture what it would be like in person. I can tell you the word I use to describe this necklace is "dazzling." The necklace is even more dazzling in person than it is in the picture. I contacted Birkat Elyon about the length of the necklace. I wasn't sure if the 16" length was what we wanted. They were more than willing to customize the necklace to any length we wanted. My wife decided she wanted the option of being able to vary the length depending on her dress. Birkat Elyon made us two custom 1" CZ extensions for the necklace. Now my wife has the option of a 16", 17", or 18" necklace. My next surprise for my wife will be having them custom make matching Sapphire CZ stud earrings to coordinate with the necklace. I have been thrilled with how capable and willing they have been to customize their jewelry. If you have an idea, run it by them. You will be amazed at the phenomenal customer service."

Thanks for your assistance.

Warm Regards,
Roderick K Shaw III, DMD, MAGD

" I can't say enough about Birkat Elyon. They made a custom ring for me based on one of their current designs. First, the process of getting a quote was super easy. The entire production and ship time was right about 2 weeks, and I felt involved in the entire process. The ring is exceptional- the quality of the workmanship is first rate, and the stones are beautiful. Everyone assumes when looking at it that it is made of diamonds, the fire and sparkle is gorgeous. I have been happily wearing the ring and getting tons of compliments. I truly feel like they stand behind their products and that the representations and descriptions on the website are very accurate. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking to add to their jewelry collection! "

-Stephanie C.

" I received my ring today, and there is no question about it, I love it, and I will be keeping the ring. I have to say I was extremely impressed when I opened the package and saw the ring box my ring was presented in, it was a first class ring box, and presentation truly counts. I ran out as soon as I received the ring to take my ring into a few different settings to see the brilliance and fire from the stone, and WOW, it is truly believable. I'm in awe of this ring. I also wanted to thank you for extending the guarantee to my custom ring. You had 100% confidence in your jewelry and now so do I. " Again thank you ,

- Melissa D.

" Let me start off by saying I wish I had bought Birkat Elyon jewelry sooner. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for high quality jewelry at an affordable cost. I usually purchase items for my girlfriend in high end department stores, or Madison avenue New York. Birkat Elyon jewelry has really impressed me and the quality is absolutely amazing. Customer service was OUTSTANDING and way beyond anything I have experienced in dealing with. Thanks again! "

-Jonathan H.
Tenafly, NJ

" WOW! My ring is gorgeous. Birkat Elyon you have beautiful website, but the quality of your jewelry is superb and is so much better than the pictures. The brilliance of your stones and the workmanship is amazing and everybody assumes that it's real diamond. I am receiving so many compliments, I am very happy and I am recommending you to all my friends. Thank you! "

-Barbara P.
Houston, TX