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High Quality Cubic Zirconia Jewelry from Birkat Elyon

When purchasing a simulation diamond, the quality of cubic zirconia is absolutely critical. Birkat Elyon is renowned as a jeweler for only using the highest grade on the market, Russian Formula. Of the five readily available forms of CZ, Russian Formula is the only type that will catch the light so beautifully; even experienced gemologists have difficulty telling its difference from a real diamond.

Selection of the best stones is the foundation of Birkat Elyon’s approach, but it’s not the only way we set ourselves apart. We also view all our creations with a level of dedicated care that allows each of our customers to consistently experience elegant and exquisite craftsmanship. All stones are precision-cut by hand and polished by hand. This work is performed by expertly trained artisans with decades of experience.

Beyond avoiding poor-quality cubic zirconia and mass manufacturing techniques, Birkat Elyon avoids metal plating. Instead, the bands we use in our diverse catalog are available in pure platinum, as well as 100% solid 14K or 18K white or yellow gold. The design options we offer on our site are also selected conscientiously to highlight classic shapes alongside innovative contemporary trends. Keep exploring our site and see for yourself what makes Birkat Elyon the best cubic zirconia jewelry you can buy!