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High Quality Cubic Zirconia Earrings from Birkat Elyon

Earrings have been around for millennia, although age and gender use has changed. The earliest known versions of the jewelry were worn by men. Ruins of a palace from the Persian Empire are carved with images of soldiers wearing earrings. The mummy of Tutankhamen of Egypt (King Tut) had pierced ears with no adornments, leading archaeologists to believe that the jewelry was only worn by children in Ancient Egypt.

Although earrings are still common among men and children in various cultures today, they have become incredibly popular with women. The various shapes and styles of the best cubic zirconia earrings provide a subtly beautiful way to complement one's natural facial structure. While longer CZ earrings are typically best for women with shorter necks and rounder faces, earrings that are small and round are ideal for those with longer features.

At Birkat Elyon, we offer a full range of earring options, all made from the highest quality cubic zirconia available anywhere: the original Russian Formula. By hand-cutting and hand-polishing all of our creations rather than using machines, we give each of our customers the care that is only evident in artisan-crafted jewelry. Choose any of our exquisite, brilliant CZ earrings or other simulated diamond jewelry today through our online store or toll-free number.