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 Dress up any outfit with one of Birkat Elyon’s exquisite pendants in 14k white or yellow gold. From daytime to dressy, our beautiful designer collection
has choices to suit every woman’s style. Click on each category below to explore our pendant collection.


High Quality Cubic Zirconia Pendants from Birkat Elyon

Although jewelry has been worn for millennia (such as earrings, first worn 8000 years ago), pendants were introduced in ancient Greece. Precious metals and gemstones were first used by the Greeks in 600 BC. Three centuries later, they started crafting pendants to demonstrate their accrued skills at styling various colors of gems.

Since its initial introduction, the pendant has been used as a wardrobe staple, serving not just as an accent but as a cohesive. If chosen conscientiously, a cubic zirconia (CZ) pendant can integrate the component parts of an outfit.

Because CZ is a synthetic stone that imitates a real diamond, finding a jeweler with the best quality cubic zirconia is key. Only then can you take advantage of CZ's impressive dispersion rate (higher even than diamonds), which causes it to shimmer magnificently in the light.

Birkat Elyon inspires consistent customer loyalty by only using the best methods and materials for all of our creations. Our fine cubic zirconia jewelry is crafted by hand: machines never administer the cutting or polishing of our stones. Plus, we only work with 100% Russian Formula CZ – trusted by connoisseurs since 1978 – and set all stones in pure platinum or 14K/18K white or yellow gold.