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High Quality Three Stone Cubic Zirconia Rings From Birkat Elyon

The three-stone ring is often chosen to represent a developing relationship. It’s a way of expressing love across time. The trio of brilliance represents the past, present, and future (PPF) of a romantic bond. Love is always the most important component of any relationship, but the ring is a reminder at a wedding or anniversary that you and your partner share an everlasting connection. Some jewelry lovers also appreciate these creations as they relate to personal growth over time.

The methods and materials used by Birkat Elyon allow you to select the best quality three-stone cubic zirconia ring classic, with confidence. We precision-cut and hand-polish all of our cubic zirconia offerings to meet the discerning taste of our many repeat clients. Only Russian Formula is used, the highest grade of CZ available anywhere on the planet.

Our customers also appreciate that our cubic zirconia rings are offered as solid rather than plated metals. The bands we use for all of our jewelry are available in pure, solid white or yellow gold – in either 14K or 18K variations – as well as 100% platinum. Just as our three-stone classics are designed to symbolize timeless consistency, they are produced with the quality for you or your loved one to wear with pride for life.

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