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High Quality Fancy Solitaire Cubic Zirconia Rings From Birkat Elyon

The fancy solitaire is a popular style for engagement rings. Many single women also love this style, as do women who are already married. In other words, it’s appreciated across a broad spectrum and is a perfect gift for diverse occasions.

Specific to engagement, solitaire rings are now the most popular style of ring out of all cubic zirconia jewelry options. However, it has only recently become the established standard to signify the bond between husband and wife. Rings featuring precious gemstones became more commonplace in the 1400s, but for centuries the most popular creations included multiple stones. Now Russian Formula CZ solitaire rings expertly mimic the look and feel of genuine diamond creations.

The solitaire design is appreciated for its simplicity and focus on one special stone, similar to the attention bestowed on a partner in a love relationship. The fancy solitaire also features stones surrounding the center stone or set in the band of the ring. The design allows the ring to capture the light with a unique and shimmering brilliance. Birkat Elyon hand cuts and hand polishes all our fancy solitaire stones, setting each one in pure platinum or in solid14K/18K white or yellow gold. Click to see all of other cubic zirconia rings.

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