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Baguette Solitaire Cubic Zirconia Rings From Birkat Elyon

Each of our baguette solitaire rings features a single tapered baguette on each side. Cubic zirconia, like diamonds, can be cut in various ways. A baguette cut is long and thin, like a loaf of French bread (the source of its name). It is usually a cut reserved for accent and side stones: while this type of cut does not reflect a large amount of light, it does reveal the incredible luster of the stones.

Many of our customers consider the baguette solitaire to be the best cubic zirconia ring, so we provide a wide variety of options. Every creation we offer is Russian Formula, the global standard for CZ for over four decades (considered the premium among the five common formulas). We cut and polish every stone by hand, knowing that our customers appreciate a ring that is handled with care rather than mass-produced.

The clarity of your cubic zirconia stone will allow it to shimmer, highlighting its elegant brilliance. You can choose whatever band best suits you: solid white gold (14K or 18K), solid yellow gold (14K or 18K), or pure platinum. Use our easy and highly secure online system to order your baguette solitaire ring, or other cubic zirconia rings. Or access friendly advice through our toll-free number.

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