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Asscher Cut Inspired Cubic Zirconia Rings From Birkat Elyon

The rings in this CZ line are an homage to the work of the legendary Royal Asscher Diamond Company, formed in 1854 in Amsterdam. In 1902, the Asscher Cut became the first patented diamond cut. The Asscher family used its techniques to cleave Excelsior, the largest diamond ever discovered. Joseph Asscher was commissioned by King Edward VII to divide Cullinan, another world-renowned diamond.

We replicate the efforts established by the Asschers to celebrate the rich history in which our cubic zirconia cuts are rooted. We don’t just design our rings with a sense of classic craftsmanship but produce them with the same degree of timeless passion: every stone is cut and polished by hand. Machines are simply incapable of demonstrating the care and precision our artisans bestow on every Birkat Elyon creation.

We also are aware that a primary concern when purchasing cubic zirconia jewelry is that it expertly reflects the look of a real diamond. For the consistent satisfaction of our customers, we only use Russian Formula - the top grade of CZ available anywhere – in all our cubic zirconia ring styles. Also note that the same commitment to integrity and appreciation for longevity displayed by our Asscher Inspiration rings is evident in our dependable customer support.

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