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High Quality Cubic Zirconia Fancy Pendants from Birkat Elyon


A particularly elegant and brilliant pendant is a great way to draw attention at a fancy affair or simply add "that special something" to any outfit.


A pendant is a jewelry piece that can be attached to a necklace, bracelet, or anklet. They are usually worn with necklaces, and the result is commonly referred to as a pendant necklace. You may also sometimes see pendant earrings – earrings with a jewelry "ornament" that hangs from the lobe.


Although the pendant as we now understand it did not develop until ancient Greece, early versions of it were seen among prehistoric humans. Rocks or shells were typically hung from the neck using braided grass or reeds as the chain. Later, Ancient Egyptian pharaohs wore scarab beetle pendants to symbolically indicate their prestige.


An ornate and captivating pendant necklace – made of the best quality cubic zirconia (CZ), Russian Formula – can be one of the strongest elements in your jewelry collection. In fact, a recent Redbook article argues that a "statement necklace" (such as a pendant necklace) is one of every woman’s seven essential jewelry pieces.


A fancy pendant can help you stand out at formal gatherings. It can also be a powerful "statement necklace" for traveling and special occasions. These creations are celebrated in our "fancy pendants" section. Note that Birkat Elyon’s craftsmanship is unmatched: the stones we use for all our beautiful cubic zirconia pendants are hand-cut, hand-polished, and set in pure platinum or 14K/18K solid white or yellow gold.

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