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High Quality Cubic Zirconia Necklaces from Birkat Elyon


A necklace is a broad category of jewelry encompassing any creations that loop around the wearer’s neck. They may include hanging jewelry pieces called pendants (resulting in the pendant necklace, which often displays the best quality CZ). A pendant that is designed to contain a small memento, such as a photograph, is known as a locket.


Redbook recently published a list of the seven jewelry items that every woman should have in her collection. Three of the seven are a “long layering necklace,” “short necklace,” and “statement necklace.” The first item was recommended because it helps to form cohesion between the disparate parts of an outfit – adding an additional dimension when you are already wearing a short necklace. The second necklace is considered a great daily choice. The third is expressive for special occasions, which can be enhanced with cubic zirconia elegantly shimmering in the light.


At a time when people are becoming more budget-conscious worldwide, Birkat Elyon offers exquisite cubic zirconia jewelry that expertly imitates the look and feel of diamonds. Using artisanal hand-cutting and hand-polishing techniques that have been trusted with gemstones for centuries, we craft all our creations from top-grade Russian Formula CZ. All stones are set in pure platinum or 14K/18K solid white or yellow gold.

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