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High Quality Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings from Birkat Elyon

The stud earring – otherwise known simply as a stud – decorates the ear at the lobe (or wherever the piercing is located) rather than hanging down or extending outward. Generally this type of earring utilizes a post – as opposed to a hook – to extend through the hole. Studs are often used as everyday earrings: they add delicate, nuanced beauty to one’s look (as opposed to the bolder approach of more expressive styles).

Many stud earring buyers have become more budget-conscious following the recession, shifting their focus from real diamonds to synthetic stones. By far the most popular diamond substitute is cubic zirconia (CZ). Like a diamond, the best quality CZ is hard enough to cut glass. The highest grade of cubic zirconia scores as “Flawless” (FL) on the diamond clarity scale of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The dispersion rate of the stone, higher than that of diamonds, allows it to sparkle brilliantly in the light.

When jewelry connoisseurs want to buy studs that expertly mimic diamonds, they trust Birkat Elyon. Our extensively experienced master artisans hand-cut and hand-polish each pair of exquisite cubic zirconia earrings. Only Russian Formula CZ, the highest grade ever developed, is used in our creations.

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