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High Quality Cubic Zirconia Hoop Earrings from Birkat Elyon

Earrings are one of the oldest known types of jewelry. A human body estimated to be 5000 years old was discovered in Australia in 1991, preserved within a glacier, and its ears were pierced. Hoops appear to have been the earliest style of earrings developed, with a jade set excavated in Inner Mongolia that were carved in even more ancient history: approximately 8000 years ago.

Various tribal societies used hoops of precious metals at the ears as a protection against evil spirits, which they believed could enter the human body through the canal. In Europe and the United States, this type of earring didn’t become commonplace until after World War II, when women began wearing them for aesthetic rather than spiritual reasons. Hoops continue to be incredibly popular all over the world, with many women now favoring the best quality cubic zirconia (CZ) over diamonds to reduce their costs.
Birkat Elyon is renowned for providing hoop earrings that deliver on the promise of cubic zirconia: expert mimicry of diamonds, so that experienced gemologists often can’t tell the difference. We use the highest grade of CZ, Russian Formula, in all of our elegant cubic zirconia earrings. Each stone is cut and polished by hand, then set in pure platinum or 14K/18K solid gold.

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