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High Quality Cubic Zirconia Wedding Ring Sets From Birkat Elyon

A wedding is a celebration of timeless love, adoration, and commitment. However, getting married is a time-consuming and difficult project. Part of the challenge is to coordinate all the component parts of the wedding, so that blissful harmony is breathed into every aspect of the occasion. The diamond or cubic zirconia rings exchanged between you and your partner should symbolize your everlasting bond.

For this reason, cubic zirconia wedding ring sets are often selected as emblems of the union between husband and wife. To use a wedding ring set, the engagement ring should be worn on the right hand during the ceremony, so that the wedding band can be placed on the left hand. After the wedding, you can move your engagement ring to rest above the wedding ring on your left hand.

Brikat Elyon is peerless among providers of wedding ring sets, offering the best cubic zirconia jewelry money can buy, Russian Formula. The sophistication and elegance of every stone is ensured by our hand-cutting and hand-polishing techniques. We also never use plated metals, instead setting all of our stones in pure, solid bands of 100% platinum or 14K/18K white or yellow gold. We can customize your set or answer any questions so that your special day is experienced and remembered with harmony.

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