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High Quality Cubic Zirconia Wedding Bands From Birkat Elyon

Wedding bands have long been used to represent an everlasting connection between romantic partners, with a history believed to span about 4800 years. In ancient Egypt, men presented this form of jewelry to women as an indication that they believed the recipient would be a strong homemaker, mother, and wife. Ancient Greeks adapted the tradition: men offered a band to the father of their love while asking permission to marry.

The symbol of loving commitment is just as powerful today. When seeking a cubic zirconia wedding band, our clients demand the best cubic zirconia ring available: Russian Formula. This version of CZ has been recognized as the standard for excellence in diamond simulation for over 40 years. The stones are set in either pure platinum or solid 14K or 18K gold, available in white or yellow varieties. No matter which Birkat Elyon creation you select, you will have peace-of-mind that your ring is designed to impress.

Personalization is also a core value of any fine jeweler. All of our cubic zirconia rings use stones that are cut and polished by hand, and we can customize wedding bands to fit your specific desires. We take pride in the friendly expertise conveyed by our customer support team, with the option to order your ring now or through our toll-free line: (877) 777-8352.

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